About Us

agriculture, Rockingham County, NC

We Exist to Preserve our Communities as Rockingham County Grows

Citizens for Good Growth in Rockingham County, Inc was established largely in response to efforts by local and state officials to bring a casino to our county. Moreover, the plan is for the casino to be built beside Camp Carefree, a summer camp that has served children with special needs and disabilities since 1986. Studies have consistently shown that casino and other forms of gambling negatively impact individuals and communities.

A Better Vision

The effort to build a casino by the Rockingham County Commissioners and other elected officials, despite strong and clear public opposition, opened the eyes of many in the community to the need for grassroots oversight and accountability of elected officials. With this organization, we believe we can offer a better vision for the future of our county – a future that is built on strengthening our communities, not rewarding out-of-state campaign contributors.

Our Mission

Our organization is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt social organization that seeks to promote economic development policies in Rockingham County that will have a positive impact on families, businesses, and communities. One way the organization accomplishes this is by educating the public and government officials about the detrimental impact of certain forms of development, which includes the economic and socio economic harms of casinos and other forms of gambling.